What is The Barefoot Romantic Blog?

Hello, my name is Eden and I want you to know it’s okay to be yourself.

Whatever type of sexuality you have, it’s okay. This sounds like a given, but it’s taken me a few decades to learn this–and I am still learning.

I was heavily slut shamed throughout my life which left me with trauma that caused me to subconsciously seek a mostly sexless relationship that lasted for fifteen years. My relationship, while wonderful, was a relief from the burden of my sexuality and from my sexual desires.

Eventually I realized although the people who shamed me were no longer in my life, I continued to repeat their sentiments to myself on a daily basis. I didn’t need them to make me feel bad anymore because I did a pretty good job of doing it myself. In fact I think I did it better.

At some point that I realized I had the power to change how I felt about my sexuality and how I expressed it in my life. It was up to me to create a positive self image regarding sexuality and femininity. I had to be my own role model because nobody could do it for me.

I started by observing my internal dialogue and worked on overcoming my self-shaming talk. I changed the judgmental attitude I had toward the sexuality of others and toward sex and relationships in general. I questioned everything I knew and looked for lessons in all of my past experiences.

Over a couple of years, everything in my life slowly changed. A cloud of shame, guilt and conditioning evaporated and I began to have empowering conversations and experiences. Even my long term relationship improved as I became more emotionally resilient.

I felt so good, I started a blog called The Barefoot Romantic where I wrote about my passion for holistic health and beauty. Needless to say, soon afterward my boyfriend and I parted amicably and I found myself single in Los Angeles after fifteen years of being off the market.

Suddenly my blog took a new direction and there hasn’t been a dull moment since.


TheBarefootRomantic.com is a place for anyone and everyone hoping to be supported and empowered in exploring their sexuality in whatever form, whether single, or in a relationship. Because I am a woman my writing tends to have a female perspective.


This is a place for those learning to date with appreciation for the moment, learning to experience without expectations and for expressing love without contingencies.

Self Love:

Fundamentally it all begins with you. The state of any relationship begins with the relationship you have with yourself. I promise that this is a good place to start and I invite you to come along on this journey with me.

~ Eden

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Author: Eden Lighthipe

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5 thoughts on “What is The Barefoot Romantic Blog?”

  1. I hate sex. I have had zero drive what so ever, even when I was a teenager. The thought of it disgusted. I always wonder if this was me natural or the amount of slut-shaming that I witnessed throughout my childhood with my prude parents, and a school that insisted on teaching abstinence. Perhaps I can find some words of wisdom here that may open me up to the idea that sex is not disgusting? 😉

    What a great honest share, and such a brave way to make a change in the world!

    1. Thank you for your comment! Sex is such a wide spectrum, so much wider than we are taught to believe. It’s perfectly okay to not do it too! Embrace wherever you are.😊

  2. This is an interesting topic where in this day and age should be open minded and talk about and I applaud you for sharing it.

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