The Sensualist’s Guide to Stockings – Part 1

Fully Fashioned Back Seamed Stockings

Most every sensualist likes to wear stockings, but not just any will do. Quality, luxury and authenticity must all be considered. It is a common consensus that stockings on a woman are the epitome of sexuality. They create an alluring visual and draw the eye up to the exposed top portion of thigh. But ultimately a sensualist wears stockings for herself, to feel her own strength and femininity—as well as the soft silkiness against her skin and the sensation of refined luxury.

I like to wear them, because they are a secret weapon. I enjoy knowing they are hidden underneath my skirt, and I love the delicious moment when I reveal them or when they are unwittingly discovered. Nothing feels as sexy as 100% nylon or silk and nothing looks as sexy too. It makes no difference a woman’s size or age. They bring glamour and sensuality to all who wear them.

This three part guide to stockings is for the sensualist who also aims to be a discerning connoisseur. When cheap scratchy imitations just won’t do. I’ve included something for everyone, as well as for every occasion from casual to exquisitely intimate.


So, What are Stockings?

In the old days long socks made from wool or cotton fabric called stockings were worn over the legs and held up by garters around the thighs. They functioned more like socks and were worn by men as well as women. You yourself may have used the term “in your stockinged feet.”

During the 1920s as hemlines rose, women began to wear sheer stockings made mostly from silk. But it was in the 1940s and 50s when women began to wear 100% nylon fully fashioned stockings—the Cadillac of stockings today.

Fully fashioned stockings and garters became securely fixed in American culture—and fetishized—by Bettie Page in the photos taken of her by Irving Klaw. Bettie and her friends were playfully bound and tortured in their sexy undergarments and yes, in their stockings. While it’s definitely more underwear than women wear today, women still choose to wear them. Not just for the sexuality they suggest, but for the sexual confidence they conjure within.


What are Fully Fashioned Stockings?

The term fully fashioned comes from the way the stockings were made and are still made on vintage machines today. Flat pieces of nylon called tissues are knitted into two-dimensional patterns in the shape of a woman’s leg. The edges of these sheets are then sewn together up the back forming a seam, traditionally by hand. The back seam is not decorative. It is functional!

Another feature of fully fashioned stockings is the heel design created by the dropped stitches during the knitting process. A squared off line up the back of the ankle is known as a Cuban heel, and a narrow pyramid shape is called a point or French heel.

But the defining feature of authentic fully fashioned stockings is not the back seam or the heel design—these can to easily be added to imitations. The tell-tale sign of authentic stockings is the open keyhole shaped finishing loop at the back of the weft, or top portion around the thigh. This loop is left open in construction to allow for some give and a better fit.

Many imitation stockings are made with elastane added to the nylon with printed backseams and heel designs. These inauthentic versions can easily be spotted for their lack of finishing loops.



Fully fashioned stockings should be made from 100% nylon. (Silk is also an option.) If there is any stretchy material added to the nylon it defeats the purpose of the flat tissue pattern and sewn back seam. In this case the seam is purely decorative.

These imitations are attractive because they are cheaper in price, (fully fashioned can be expensive!) but in this case I would suggest forgoing a backseam altogether. Instead, opt for a beautiful sheer Reinforced Heel and Toe stocking. The look is more 1960s, yet it is still authentic. (Discussed here in Part 3.)


100% nylon stockings don’t stretch so you may think that ordering a size generously is a good idea, but actually the opposite is true. If there is any extra room, the stockings will sag. It may take a few tries to get the correct size, and remember it can vary from brand to brand.

Be sure to take into account the length of your legs versus the length of your torso if they differ from the average. I always order a full size down from what the charts suggests for this reason. If you are in between sizes I  would suggest ordering a size down. There’s nothing worse than saggy stockings!

Once you find your preferred brand and size, your fully fashioned stockings will feel custom made to shape of your legs. And with the right attachments, they will fit live a glove.

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How about you? Do you love fully fashioned stockings?


Author: Eden Lighthipe

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