5 Sexting Tips for Women

Have you ever wanted to send your man sexy texts, but were wondering just how to go about doing it? Sexting is a sure fire way to ignite the passion between you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met or been together for years. Adding sex appeal to your texts can fan the flames of any relationship. Here are five tips to get you started sexy texting that will be sure to please you both.

1. Follow His Lead

If you’re apprehensive about initiating a sexy texting conversation, then wait for him to contact you. Chances are that when that he does, he has some free time to chat. And it’s best to wait until you have his full attention.

At first it helps to think of sexting as a table tennis match. Whatever he sends to you, send back. If he types one liners, then send one liners back. If he writes longer paragraphs, then do the same. A simple way to make sexting easier for you is to mirror his communication style.

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