5 Sexting Tips for Women

Have you ever wanted to send your man sexy texts, but were wondering just how to go about doing it? Sexting is a sure fire way to ignite the passion between you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met or been together for years. Adding sex appeal to your texts can fan the flames of any relationship. Here are five tips to get you started sexy texting that will be sure to please you both.

1. Follow His Lead

If you’re apprehensive about initiating a sexy texting conversation, then wait for him to contact you. Chances are that when that he does, he has some free time to chat. And it’s best to wait until you have his full attention.

At first it helps to think of sexting as a table tennis match. Whatever he sends to you, send back. If he types one liners, then send one liners back. If he writes longer paragraphs, then do the same. A simple way to make sexting easier for you is to mirror his communication style.

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Release Stressful Thoughts about Dating with The Work

In my last post I talked about the Zen of Dating and the benefits of dating with non-attachment. There isn’t a certain outcome that can be expected after a date, and it’s best (and most loving) to not expect anything at all. Even though it’s not always easy to see, the time you spent together was enough.

But, soon afterwards you may find yourself thinking thoughts like:

“Why isn’t he contacting me? He should.”

“Is he dating someone else? He shouldn’t.”

These thoughts are not helpful and can even be the source of self sabotage for the relationship. The best place for them is to be released into the ether.

But how exactly do you do that?

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The Zen of Dating

When I started dating a new guy after my breakup, I felt I had to reach out to him all the time. If he was going to get the message that I was interested, then it was up to me to to inform him…constantly. 

Whenever I didn’t hear from him within 24 hours I’d reach out to him by text:

“Good morning.”

“How are you?”  

“Whatcha doing?

“I miss you.”

Yes, this was my way of reminding him that I existed. For every moment  he was not texting me or making plans, I felt that he must’ve forgotten about me and moved on.

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My Ex’s New Girlfriend

It all began with the photographs we’d taken. On film. That’s how long we were together. When we first started dating I didn’t have a cell phone or a computer. I had given him my phone number on a piece of paper. And when we had our first real conversation it was over a telephone with a cord.

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3 Ways to Let Him Know You’re Kinky (Without Telling Him)

When it comes to sex your man is a visual creature, so the best way to let him know it’s safe to express his kinky side is to do it in a visual way. Sure you could come right out and tell him, but it’s much more fun to inspire him. Here are three visual cues you can wear that will have your man topping you in no time.

1. Wear Stockings

I have yet to meet a man who can resist slapping the ass of a woman in stockings. The way the tops encircle the thighs and frame a woman’s goods is irresistibly sexy. And something about having the legs covered yet exposed near the genitals is very intriguing. If your man is innately kinky, this is the best way to see how he responds. Your stockings can be anything from fully-fashioned back seams to hold-ups and are best worn with heels. Even just simple pumps will do nicely to complete this sexy look.

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5 Ways To Attract A Sexually Dominant Man

There’s a certain type of man that women secretly pine for. He is strong and assertive, yet enlightened and gentlemanly. He’ll treat you with the utmost respect in the world, but in the bedroom he’ll bring you to your knees. So just how to you attract this man? Here are five ways that will make you irresistible to his type of masculinity.

  1. Don’t Initiate Contact

This probably is the most difficult one to follow but—don’t chase after a man unless you intend to be the dominant one in the relationship. For some women it’s what they prefer. But if you’d like the man to lead, then you must allow him to. It’s that simple. Don’t message him, don’t text, don’t call. Just respond sweetly to his advances. Keep in mind that if you want him to psychologically and sexually dominate you, then certainly he can text you.

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I Kissed a Girl

In high school I learned that boys love it when two girls kiss. It drives them wild. Once one of them dared me to kiss my best friend. And I could never refuse a dare.

“Do you want to?” I asked, expecting her to say no.

“Yeah, sure.”


“Yes.” She nodded.

We French kissed. It was juicy and sexy and sensual. Kissing a girl is not like kissing a boy. There’s no rough stubble or angular jaw. Just silky smooth skin and baby soft lips. We did it for them, but I liked it for me—a lot. Which at fourteen was not something I was willing to admit.

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I Love You For Tonight

In college I dated a guy who I thought was the bee’s knees. The year was 1998. Grunge had given way to neo-hippie fusion a la Madonna. Desert raves and ecstasy were in vogue, and I’d ditched a perfectly handsome pre-law major to chase a boy with dreads who played congas in the Venice Beach drum circle.

On our first date we had sex. I don’t remember saying yes, but I definitely didn’t say no. I was nineteen and he was twenty five—a man as far as I was concerned. And he knew where my clitoris was. Not like the other college boys.

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He Asked Me To Wear Heels

When my friend suggested I sign up for online dating, I’ll admit I was apprehensive. I certainly didn’t expect to find myself in lust with a guy only a few weeks later. We had definite chemistry on the first date which ended in passionate kissing. He invited me over to his house for the second, and we both knew the night would end in more. He sent me a text the day before.

“Hmm…what are you gonna wear?”

“Any requests?”

“Heels and a skirt. And wear red lipstick.”

The dormant glamazon within me stirred. She rose to the surface once again. It called to her.

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Don’t Drink and Date

The best way to start a new life single is to date lots of people. And the best way to meet them is to do it online. The algorithms so far haven’t lead me astray, so if someone is a match to me I at least know there will be some interesting conversation.

I was messaging with a guy who showed potential and who looked kind of cute in his photos. After some joking and flirtation he popped the question that every first date initiator seems to ask:

“Would you like to get a drink.”

And yes, I did.

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