5 Ways To Attract A Sexually Dominant Man

There’s a certain type of man that women secretly pine for. He is strong and assertive, yet enlightened and gentlemanly. He’ll treat you with the utmost respect in the world, but in the bedroom he’ll bring you to your knees. So just how to you attract this man? Here are five ways that will make you irresistible to his type of masculinity.

  1. Don’t Initiate Contact

This probably is the most difficult one to follow but—don’t chase after a man unless you intend to be the dominant one in the relationship. For some women it’s what they prefer. But if you’d like the man to lead, then you must allow him to. It’s that simple. Don’t message him, don’t text, don’t call. Just respond sweetly to his advances. Keep in mind that if you want him to psychologically and sexually dominate you, then certainly he can text you.


  1. Be Busy With Your Own Life

Don’t wait around for that one special dominant to seek you out and tell you you’re the submissive he’s been searching for. This isn’t 50 Shades of Grey. The best way to prevent falling into this hole is to fill your calendar with activities that you enjoy. I’ve found that going out with my girlfriends, dating, attending classes and seminars, and writing takes up most of my time and my attention. Remember when a man senses you’re no longer thinking about him is when he will decide to reach out.

  1. Be Sweet

There is an old saying—you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. And it’s true. No matter how long it’s been since he’s texted, no matter what else he may be up to—always be sweet. If he’s a Healthy Alpha male (and let’s hope he is) chances are he’s busy with his regular life and yes, probably with other girls. But be nice. Remember he’s a hunter, so he’ll always have an eye on other women. But you can separate yourself from the pack by adding value to his life with your sweetness.

  1. Be a Vessel of Sexual Pleasure

This doesn’t mean go beyond your limits—please don’t ever do that. But do surrender yourself to him by allowing his masculine energy to penetrate you. Sure this can mean actual penetration, but it doesn’t have to. If you like him, flirt and be receptive to his advances. And if you are comfortable having sex, by all means go for it. But allow him to make the first move. Remember your submission is a gift that enhances his self esteem. Never withhold sex as a means for manipulation. It only works against your attraction and ultimately against you. If you want to be a dominatrix, that is great way to do it. But for a dominant alpha male, it only puts him in a position that’s just not his nature.

  1. Know When to Walk Away

How will you know when it’s time? That depends on what you want out of the relationship. But if you feel taken advantage of or if the relationship is one-sided, then by all means don’t wait around for him to change. You’re much better off finding a new man who meets your needs effortlessly. Make room in your schedule for other men to court you and you’ll see how quickly your interest wanes. Remember you are a goddess and if a man isn’t treating you like one, it’s time for something new.

How about you? Do you have experience dating a dominant male?

Author: Eden Lighthipe

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1 thought on “5 Ways To Attract A Sexually Dominant Man”

  1. 1. Don’t Initiate Contact – This might work if the Dom you have taken a liking to is into Predator/Prey play. But even then, if he is a seasoned Dom, and has been around – then not initiating contact (there can be levels of it), can be as damning as him not knowing you, ever. Sure, there may be a chance that you will cross paths, connect, and he will pursue, but more often than not, it may never happen. He is the flower in this case with a bunch of submissive bees hovering around, so you may not get noticed.

    4. Be a Vessel of Sexual Pleasure – But allow him to make the first move. This again might work in Primal play. But not in all D/s styles.
    So I say, be authentic. If you are yearning for him, and want sex (beyond flirting), ask/beg/demand, a Dom will put you in your place. Which, if you can see, will actually get you dripping. And then he will have you his way.

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