5 Signs You Are On a First Date With an Alpha Male

Are you someone who enjoys the intensity of an Alpha male? Have you begun to reclaim your femininity and realize you are match to this masculine energy? If so, here are five signs that an Alpha male will give on the first date and even before. If you know what to look for, you can find out what kind of man you are dealing with right away.

  1. He Switches to Texting Quickly

If you’re meeting an Alpha online, he’ll typically switch from communicating through dating sites and apps to SMS texting with limited exchanges. A good rule of thumb is for him to offer you his number within 5-15 messages between the both of you. He’s a man of action. He doesn’t want a pen pal, he wants to meet you.

  1. He is Decisive

He knows it’s up to him to pick the date, time and place you will meet. And he’ll do it with limited texting. He might ask you to suggest a date or time, but ultimately he’ll choose the place. Once the plans are set, they are set. He won’t go back and change his mind. He just doesn’t have the time to spend rearranging details.

  1. He Takes the Power Seat

An Alpha male positions himself to have the power of the room. He does this by taking a seat where he can see the door(s) as well as observe all of  the activity. He won’t sit with his back facing the door because then he could be caught off guard, and that would be very un-alpha like. Another power seat he might choose would be one with a solid wall behind it. The wall not only physically protects him, but also adds energetically to his size.

  1. He is Sexual

If an Alpha male is interested, you will know it. He sexualizes conversation quickly. There will most likely be touching and he might even go in for a kiss. Alphas are hard wired for sexual attraction. They do not wait for this. It’s their instinct to mate as soon as possible.

  1. He Pays

Even if you offer, an Alpha male will pay for the first date. This sounds like chivalry or like something that women just expect, but by doing so he polarizes the masculine/feminine dynamic between you which increases attraction. He won’t spend more than he can afford, so the first date might be short and sweet—just a drink or a coffee. (That’s why Number 2 is important!) And ladies please keep in mind that an evolved Alpha male will never try to buy your love—he just doesn’t need to. So be prepared to pay up every once in a while.

How about you? Have you ever discovered you were on a first date with an Alpha male?

Author: Eden Lighthipe

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