5 Sexting Tips for Women

Have you ever wanted to send your man sexy texts, but were wondering just how to go about doing it? Sexting is a sure fire way to ignite the passion between you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met or been together for years. Adding sex appeal to your texts can fan the flames of any relationship. Here are five tips to get you started sexy texting that will be sure to please you both.

1. Follow His Lead

If you’re apprehensive about initiating a sexy texting conversation, then wait for him to contact you. Chances are that when that he does, he has some free time to chat. And it’s best to wait until you have his full attention.

At first it helps to think of sexting as a table tennis match. Whatever he sends to you, send back. If he types one liners, then send one liners back. If he writes longer paragraphs, then do the same. A simple way to make sexting easier for you is to mirror his communication style.

2. Don’t Shy Away from Sexting Explicit Language

Sexting is an easy way to show your naughty side, and certain word choices can really spice things up. Feel free to go as X-rated as you like, but whatever you text should be something you’d actually say in the throes of passion.

Ultimately your texts should sound like you, just the naughtiest version of you. It can help to practice saying some dirty talk out loud first to see how it feels. If you feel up for the challenge, then put it into your texting. The rewards of getting the hang of this are well worth it. 

3. Consider Sending a Naughty Selfie

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a naughty selfie is worth a million. Sending pictures with your texts can really up your sexting game to a whole new level.

But it’s best not to catch him off guard. If you’re not in the regular habit of sending naughty pictures to each other, then you want to make sure he knows it’s coming. Wait for him to drop some hints, or to come right out and ask. This works both ways. You should also be informed of any pics coming your way as well.

Of course, never do anything you’re not comfortable with, but why not celebrate your sexy self? Just make sure not to include your face or any body markers that can identify you such as tattoos or birthmarks.

That being said, are you okay with the possiblity that his friends or yours might see it? Or someone else even? If you aren’t, then consider leaving your clothes on. It just leaves more to the imagination. And finally, make sure you send them because it turns YOU on, not because you feel pressured to. 

4. Go Easy on the Emojis

Emojis can really kill sex appeal. Think of the cuteness factor they add to your texts with your girlfriends. With sexting we’re trying to build a mystique, and little cartoon happy faces can instantly kill that. If possible try to keep the text plain to allow for his imagination to run wild.

That being said, a perfectly placed one-eyebrow-raised emoji or blushing-face emoji can really punctuate a flirty statement or stand in place of a witty response, but try to only use one or two per entire conversation.

An understated approach would be to use the old-school semicolon wink or the colon happy face, but be consistent. No switching back and forth between semicolons and cartoon faces. Eventually it’s best to develop a signature sexting style, sort of like wearing a signature perfume.

Lastly, if he has a lively personality and ends every sentence with a trio of flame emojis, then feel free to use more. Just stay away from using the extra cute ones.

5. Know When to Quit

If he switches to texting statements that seem to end rather than keep the conversation going, then don’t feel like you have to reply. No one can be chained to texting all day, including you. It’s perfectly fine to be a little elusive and slow to respond. It only adds to your mystery.

But if you’re not sure if the conversation is over, or if you feel one last text is necessary, then a single emoji is the perfect response. And I’ll leave it up to you which one. 😉

How about you? Do you have experience spicing up a relationship with sexy texting?


Author: Eden Lighthipe

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