4 Reasons Why Giving Head is Good For You

Your first thought may be that a man must have put me up to writing this blog post, but I actually wrote it for myself and for all the women like me. Women who want to be happy and healthy, as well as have hot thriving sex lives. It’s a common consensus that most all men enjoy being pleasured by someone’s mouth, but did you know that it’s also good for you? Here are four reasons why giving head benefits you as well.
 1. It prepares your body for sex
Biologically, sex starts in the mouth. It’s not a coincidence that intimacy begins with kissing and making out. Oral sex stimulates nerve centers in the mouth that signal to the rest of the body that intercourse is on the way. The more you engage your mouth on your man, the more you turn on your own body. That’s why fellatio is the ultimate in foreplay—not just for him, but for you.

2. It keeps you looking young
The actions of giving head deeply exercise the muscles of the face. You may have experienced sore muscles while pleasuring him at some point, but don’t stop! The effect fellatio has on the face is beautifying and can give a rejuvenated and youthful appearance. It plumps the skin and tightens the muscles of the face, neck and jaw. It brings blood to the capillaries and floods the skin with oxygenated nutrients. And it’s the best natural lip plumper. It’s like nature’s version of a visit to a media-spa.
3. Semen is a superfood.
Ejaculate is made up of mostly protein and its other ingredients read a lot like the label on a multivitamin. So, swallowing it is a lot like downing a super concentrated protein shake. But if the thought of having him finish in your mouth is off putting, there is a lot of research backing up why you should reconsider. The women of ancient China knew the wonderful healing properties of semen and used it regularly as part of their beauty routines.
4. It increases attraction between you and your partner.
Health benefits aside, pleasuring your man with your mouth increases the masculine/feminine polarity between the two of you, which ultimately increases your chemistry. This is because the act of oral sex intimately honors his masculinity. It is a special gift that he will appreciate, and also gives him the opportunity to pay it forward.

Author: Eden Lighthipe

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